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Bibelhjerte Kickstarter turned into a product!

Pernille Ryttersgaard Rønn

Posted on March 07 2019

Hi Friend.

Today I launched my newest product: Bibelhjerte (Bible Heart) - a creative devotional for engaging with the Bible!

The product is a direct result of this Kickstarter campaign I ran back in November. 

It's been forever since I've posted in here, but hopefully many of you follow along on Instagram, where I hang out almost every day. There are two main reasons for my absence: Bibelhjerte + I had a full time job for 2 months.. (That's another story for another time. ;) )

For now I just want to say BIBELHJERTE IS FINALLY HERE! The book has been out in the hands of people who ordered via Kickstarter for a few months, and I've gotten great feedback. Now you can finally buy the book here on my webshop. -Kickstarter turned into a product! YAY! -Thanks to all the people who supported the campaign, and am I so grateful!


  • If you but the book today (march 7th), you get a sheet of free stickers - 'Til dig der tror på Gud'. (Offer runs until midnight.)
  • You can enter the launch day give-away, and win Bibelhjerte + the entire Faith Collection. All you have to do, is sign up for the Bibelhjerte newsletter right here!

Bibelhjerte giveaway

That's all for now!

Happy launch day,