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Pernille Ryttersgaard Rønn

Posted on June 06 2018

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- Let's end modern day slavery -

Spring can be a little stressful as a small business owner, because that's the time of year we do the final accounting and finances for the year before. But it can also be exciting to see if you've reached your financial goals, compare to the year before and all that. :) I think all small business owners like to see that they are headed in the right direction, also with the numbers.

This is the second year, that I've done a proper yearly account for my little business, and also the second year I have donated 7% of the profits of my business to the non-profit A21. I've known from the start, that I wanted to donate some of my profits to a good cause, simply because it feels right and I believe we are all called to pass good things on, where we can. It was not a big amount of money last year, this year it was a little bigger, and I hope it will continue to grow for many years to come. That is really motivating for me; if I can build a business that not only supports my own (and my family's) life, but also one that helps some of the most vulnerable people in this world.

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A21 is an organization that aims to abolish slavery everywhere, forever. It's not well-known here in Denmark, but I believe greatly in the cause and in the people behind it. It was founded by Christian author and speaker Christine Caine, -she has the most incredible story of exploitation and redemption, you can listen to some of it here, -starting at minute 70. 

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The fact that there is human trafficking in this world, that people around the world are sold to be sex slaves and to do forced labor, is just unfathomable. I cannot imagine the hurt and brokeness that comes from that, nor the hurt and brokeness that leads to it. And I've chosen to support A21 so that survivors of human trafficking can be given freedom, independence, and the chance at a better story.

Thank you for shopping with me, and helping this important cause!

Love, Pernille.