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NEW: Fall Collection

Pernille Ryttersgaard Rønn

Posted on September 17 2018

New Fall products

Hi Friends.

It's here! 12 new products are part of my Fall Collection: There are notepads of different sizes and functions, stickers and a few badges -for all the #plannerlovers out there. :)

I thought I would do a little introduction of all the new things in here, plus a little glimpse into my process of designing stickers. I hope you will find this helpful and inspiring, and be sure to check out the special deals I have made - 3 different packages where you save 20% on the new items. It runs only this week

Now, let me introduce you to the new products, starting with the 5 new sticker sheets:

Calendar Stickers: Efterår


Moodboard & stickers Fall


A glimpse into my process

Every time I design a new sticker sheet, I start with a theme and a moodboard. The moodboard is my favorite tool for choosing colors for any project, and each sticker sheet is no different! When I decide on the colors from the start, I make sure each sheet has a cohesive look, and it saves me a ton of time in Adobe Illustrator, where I draw the actual stickers. I find that with 5-7 colors and I can draw most things, and I don't need more to get the concept or ideas across. I often let 2-3 colors be the most prominent, and they very much set the tone.

The moodboard is more than colors, though: It sets a style and feel, - a mood :) -, for the product. I want a moodboard to make me feel something when I look at it. Like this one for Fall - I designed these stickers in the heat of summer, and normally I don't look forward to Fall at all, -rain, dark nights, the air getting colder. BUT this moodboard and designing these stickers actually made me look forward to Fall in a way I haven't before, because it highlights all the cozy and good things about the season we are just now entering.

You can read more about the Fall sticker sheet here. 

Calendar Stickers: 70 Klistermærker i Sort/Hvid 

Planner sticker process

Another glimpse

An other important part of my process when designing stickers, is brainstorming with pen and paper. This is how every sticker sheet starts: With an idea and some drawings and words on paper! Designing a sticker sheet usually takes 2-4 days, from beginning to end..

A new type of stickers

For this collection I've made a new type of sticker sheet: One without words! I know that so many of you use my stickers for decorating your planner or bullet journal, and this is for you! It's filled with flower illustrations and graphic elements, and you can also use them in a scrapbook, on letters or gifts -or really anywhere you want to add some 'prettiness'.

This sheet is available in 2 colors: Black and White - the one above. And Mint and Blush - the one below.

Calendar Stickers: 70 Klistermærker i farver

Planner stickers for decorating in mint and blush

This is the other sticker sheet with no words. I LOVE this one, the colors make my heart skip a beat. ;) But you probably guessed that, since these are the most 'Grand Stories'-colors there are. I hope you like it too!

Calendar Stickers: Til dig der elsker Jul

Planner stickers christmas

You guys.. Christmas!! <3 #amiright? ;) So of course I had to do an entire Christmas themed sticker sheet. Read more about it in the product description. And then start looking forward to the best season of the year!

Calendar Stickers: Til dig der læser videre

Planner stickers for students

I originally designed this moodboard for a freelance client, but then it wasn't used in the end. But I really liked it, and was so excited when I could use it for these stickers instead. These are for you, if you are a student in university, college, taking night-classes or courses. I already have one sticker sheet for students, and I originally thought those could go for any student, -I still do. But I got requests for a sheet that didn't have the stickers orientated towards 'gymnasiet', and so I made this. I even got input from university students, through my awesome retailer Academic Books. (They came up with the 'Nervous Breakdown' sticker.. ;) -Now if you want to, go ahead and plan that with the sticker, or just place it in your planner afterwards. Totally up to you! ;) )

And now for something completely different: Notepads!

Weekly Planner - large

Weekly Planner large in A4 - Ugeplan i A4

This is one of my favorites of the new products! I've had requests for a larger weekly planner and I am so excited to introduce this!

This large weekly planner has multiple functions: Write appointments, to-do's, gratitude or self-care and plan your meals every day. There's also a section for random notes, -things that pop up during the week, that you need to remember for later. The heart section at the bottom can be used for gratitudes throughout the week / good things you will do for others or yourself.

Every week-day includes:

  • Space for appointments, your schedule and plans (or doodles. ;).
  • To-do list. Use these and add more yourself if you need to.
  • <3 Heart-section: A space for you to remember self-care, care for others or practise gratitude. Write down a good thing you will do for yourself this day, or something nice you will do for someone else. Or use the space to write down things you are grateful for.
  • Meal planning: Plan your dinners. I know I am not the only one who get's to late afternoon, remember I have to make dinner, and then it's too late to pull something from the freezer. ;)


The weekend-days has space you can use how you want + meal planning.

Large weekly planner in A4

Planner Notepad: Design your Day

Design and plan your day with this notepad

This notepad is another one with many functions/sections.. I had so much fun designing this, and it's actually an idea I had already a year ago, when I designed my weekly planners.

It is a tool for you to get your plans and to-do's in order on those days that need a little extra planning.

The notepad has sections for:

  • Top 3 To-Do's (Research shows you should have only 3 to-do's for your day, and that way you will actually be able to get more done, because you allow your brain to focus).
  • How I feel: Do a check-in in the beginning of the day, and set your goals and plans accordingly! Or at least use this as a tool to know why you can not get the same amount of things done all days, -some days you are more prone to succeed than others. And that's 100% okay!
  • Do this good thing for myself: Self-care. Because. #essential
  • Schedule: Remember appointments and structure your tasks.
  • Other to do's: These are the things you will do, when you get done with your Top 3.
  • Remember: Write down things that pop up during the day, that you need to remember for another time.
  • Today I am grateful for: Practise gratitude.
  • Today's win: Write down something you got done, or a small good win from the day. Be gracious toward yourself.
  • Dinner: Plan your dinner.

    Planner Notepad: Do This

    Large to do list with space for notes

    A large planner notepad - with the headline: 'Life is about being, not doing. But still: DO THIS.' I really believe our value as people is not found in what we can do. I really also believe in the power of getting your to-do's out of your head and onto paper!

    This notepad is for you, if you love to-do lists with a little more room. There's a check list section and also a place for notes; for all those tings that are not to-do's, but you still need to remember: phone numbers, dates, shopping lists -and what else can pop up during your day.

     Large to do list with space for notes

    Small Planner Notepads:
    Note to Self & To Do

    Two small planner notepads

    These notepads I designed in a small size, so the pages fit in your planner or bullet journal. Tape it into the spreads in your bullet journal, to have a designated place for little notes, reminders and to-do's, and at the same time add a little color and some planner themed illustrations. Or use it on your desk or kitchen table.

    A small notepad where the pages fit in your planner or bullet journal

    Small Notepad: Remember This

    A small notepad with the text Remember This

    A notepad for your desk, kitchen table or night stand. Use it for reminders to yourself, or notes to your roommate or family.

    And the last new product: Planner Badges

    Planner themed badges

    4 small badges for planner and bullet journal lovers.

    The badges are all planner themed, with the phrase 'Plan for Joy' (get it?! ;) ), tools of the trade, washi tape and a planner illustration.

    Use them on your planner, purse, pencil case, craft box, on your desk, on gifts etc.

    Special introduction offers this week only

    I hope you enjoyed my run-through of the new products! :) Last but not least, I want to introduce you to the three SPECIAL OFFERS I have made, that runs this week only, from today until Sunday September 23rd. 

    They are all package deals where you save 20% on the brand new products:

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    Just what it says: A package deal on ALL the new products!

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    A planner themed package deal with notepads, stickers and badges.

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    Lastly: A package with ALL the new notepads!

    Click on the images to be taken directly to the special package deals!

    Now you can use all the products in these packages yourself, (no judgement here!! ;) ) - or you save a few of them, and use them as gifts!

    They make great hostess gifts, 'pakkekalender-gaver', advent calendar gifts, birthday gifts, -you get the idea.

    That's it for now! I always put a lot of intention into my products, and not just the design/look of them, but also the functionality. So I really hope you like the new items and will find them useful in your life!

    Love, Pernille.