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Paper Party

Pernille Ryttersgaard Rønn

Posted on October 03 2017

I feel it fitting, that the first blogpost on this new webshop, is titled 'Paper Party'.

Hi! :) My name is Pernille, and am the one-woman-show behind Grand Stories Design. 

Pernille Rønn owner of Grand Stories Design

I worked for several months this Spring/Summer to design new products, go to my second ever trade fair (Formland), and get this new webshop ready for launch.

On September 20th this webshop launched, along with 22 new products, and two days later I collaborated with the shop Dims Studio in Aarhus to have a launch party, Paper Party:

Paper Party event Aarhus

It was a fun event with:

  • Free refreshments (macarons, anyone?)
  • Goodie Bags for everyone who bought Grand Stories products for 100 kr. or more
  • Giveaway on Instagram where you could win 350 kr. worth of pretty paper
  • Special offers
  • FREE notebook for everyone who signed up for our newsletters!


We marketed the event on social media and via flyers, and crossed our fingers that some fellow paperlovers would see it! Luckily a lot of people showed up, and it was an awesome afternoon with a packed shop and good vibes all around. I was so busy, I didn't even get any photos of all the people!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by! :) It was a lot of fun, -to get to celebrate the new products in person with people. 

Here are a few photos from the day:

My husband, Anders, and I when we just arrived at Dims Studio on the day.

Dims Studio, Aarhus, Grand Stories Design, Paper Party event
Dims Studio storefront, -every good party needs balloons. 

Dims Studio, Aarhus, Grand Stories Design, Paper Party event
Some of the refreshments on the day!

Dims Studio, Aarhus, Grand Stories Design, Paper Party event
The Grand Stories products all lined up.

I hope to do something similar in the future, -the next time I have something big to celebrate. If you missed the Paper Party, but want to meet up in person, you should come to Finderskeepers Design Market in Aarhus this weekend, where I have a stand! You can read more here.

Love, Pernille.