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Stickers at Arnold Busck

Pernille Ryttersgaard Rønn

Posted on November 07 2017

Today I am really happy to announce, that soon my stickers will be available at all Arnold Busck bookstores in Denmark!

All six different sheets will be at all stores, and I think they will probably display them along with other 'bullet journaling' accessories. I designed these stickers to be used in your paper calendar, which means they are small and there are 70 stickers on one sheet. They are all in Danish, and they have words or phrases that fit perfectly in a calendar or bullet journal.

Grand Stories Design calendar bullet journal stickers for students

Have no idea what bullet journaling is? It's a world wide journaling phenomenon that's starting to show up in Denmark as well. You can read about it here, in Danish. Or you can read about it from the man who invented it here.

Grand Stories Design calendar bullet journal stickers themed hygge

Arnold Busck are having events this Fall, where you can learn to set up your own bullet journal. 

I sponsored stickers sheets for the Goodie Bags.

So if you are attending one of their events, you will get a sticker sheet from me! :)

Grand Stories Design stickers for your calendar or bullet journal

With a big order like this, it's allowed me to lower the price of my stickers: That means that from now on, one sheet is 30 kr. (And not 35 kr. as they have been since they released in September.) If you have purchased stickers from me since September, I hope you will 'forgive' me, and just rest assured that I am not making a lot of money in my business right now, so your extra 5 kr. has landed in a dry spot! ;) AND I hope you will celebrate with me, that now the stickers are cheaper!

Grand Stoies Design stickers for your paper calendar or bullet journal

I am very happy with this new collaboration, and the stickers will be available at all Arnold Busck stores within the next 2-3 weeks!

I hope some of you will go there to shop them, and please take a photo and send it to me on instagram, - I would LOVE to see the stickers in the stores! :)

And I'd also like to see how you use them, -use the hashtag #GrandStoriesDesign on Instagram. 

They ordered all 6 themes, in a small quantity, so make sure to go and find them before they're gone. ;) And buy them if you are a Paper Lover, so that hopefully Arnold Busck will make an order with me again.

Grand Stories Design stickers calendar bullet journal

In the meantime you can buy the stickers here on my own webshop, or you can find them at some of my other awesome retailers, the list is here.

I am in a season of dreaming up new products, and if you have any ideas or things you'd love to see, please reach out to me via email or Instagram. I would love to hear from you!  There will probably be a few new sticker sheets among them.. ;)

Love, Pernille.