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Pernille Ryttersgaard Rønn

Posted on February 19 2018

Grand Stories Design new products

TODAY I am launching a collection of new products, including new stickers and a wall calendar. Here are some thoughts about the new items (plus a bonus for you at the end - for today only!)

Over a year ago, I started searching for a printer to make stickers here in Denmark. It was not easy, and I got sent from printer to printer, until I finally found someone who could make my 'vision' come true: Small, beautiful (gold foil) stickers sized for paper planners/calendars. In September of last year I launched the first six sticker sheets, and today I am SO happy to launch 5 new ones:

Stickers for you calendar, journal or bullet journal by Grand Stories Design.

 I love creating stationery that has a well thought-out purpose, and these stickers are probably my favorite thing to design so far. The new themes are specific, but versatile enough that you can mix and match them around in your planner or bullet journal.

The new themes are:

  • For the one who loves being Creative (only in Danish): Get ready for all the pink and pastel cup cakes, brushes and creative-ness (kreahygge!) that you can put on one piece of paper. ;)
  • All Year Round (only in Danish): Highlight events, holidays, seasons and special occasions all year round with stickers designed specifically for each occasion. 
  • Lovely Everyday (only in Danish): Stickers designed for everyday use, like exercise, shopping, watching tv-series, going out, staying in and all the little things that make our everyday lives lovely. :)
  • For the one who Loves Hygge + For the one who wants to Slow Down: I translated my two most popular sticker sheets into English! 

Stickers are fun, they make my planner look pretty, and they help me to remember things. These are the reasons I love them so much.


I am also adding a new pencil to my pencil collection, with the text Husk Hygge. I hope it can be used as a small reminder to slow down, and focus on what matters to you. Take time for that cup of coffee of tea, and sit with your thoughts a little, talk to that good friend, or listen to some nice music while you read in a good book. OR whatever hygge is to you. ;)

Pencil with the text Husk Hygge by Grand Stories Design


Lastly I am launching a product in a whole new category: A wall calendar

The calendar is a perpetual calendar (evighedskalender), so you can use it year after year. That means that only dates are shown on the monthly pages, and not weekdays.

Wall calendar by Grand Stories Design

It's perfect for birthdays and anniversaries, and I designed it in a very minimalistic look, so that it is your entries that stand out, when it hangs on your wall. Each month has a different color combination:

That was some thoughts on these new products! :)


And now for the BONUS:

Today only, you get this FREE NOTEBOOK with any purchase!
It's a creative notebook that I created for my stand at a trade show last year, and it's fun and thoughtful.

Free notebook with any purchase

I really, sincerely hope that you like the new products, and that they will bring you joy! :)
Love, Pernille.