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When things doesn't go as planned...

Pernille Ryttersgaard Rønn

Posted on July 06 2018

Hi Friends.

If you follow me and Grand Stories, you might have noticed that I've hinted at a new Faith Collection quite a few times! :) This is something I've been working on since the beginning of this year, quietly adding a few products at a time, when I had the time in between freelance projects.. It is something very close to my heart and I've tried to not stress about getting it done, because I wanted it to be created with joy and purpose.

Faith Collection sneak peak

A few weeks ago I began to plan for a release this week, because I had ordered the last products and was just waiting for them to arrive.. I even sent out a newsletter hinting at this. And then they showed up. And it just did NOT look good.. There were rubbed of color on the back of all the cards: 

Bibelkort Grand Stories Design

This is unfortunately not the first time I've experienced this (and probably won't be the last either), but it is always such a disappointment. I do not understand why a printer would even send these out the door, since I would never send out a product myself, that had this kind of error.. 

And I was so excited too, and really looking forward to getting these new things out into the world and into your hands, where they can serve the purpose that I've hoped for and dreamt of.

Pernille Ryttersgaard Rønn

Faith collection sneak peak 

But yeah. Now I am trying to convince the printer to give me my money back and I've ordered the cards at a different printer. For such a small business as mine, the not-knowing-if-I'll-even-get-my-money-back issue is huge, since in the end it means that the products will be twice as expensive in production, because I might end up having payed for them twice!

But it matters deeply to me, to only send out things that I can stand for and that live up to a certain quality.

All this to say and explain why I have to postpone the release of these new products a month, since I am about to go on vacation. The Faith Collection will release some time in the beginning of August.

Until then, I am taking a few weeks (more or less) off from work, to go on vacation with my husband.

Pernille & Anders Rønn

We have a thing for silly car pictures, and since some of our vacation plans is to drive to Slovenia, there will be plenty of time for that! (About 2x14 hours of time.. ;) )

In between our vacationing, I am also attending a local market in Ringkøbing! So if you are near there, I will be there on Monday July 16th, Monday July 30th and Monday August 6th (if the weather stays nice, -if it rains me and my paper will stay at home, since this is an outdoor market.)

You can read about the market here!

 Well, that was all for now. I hope you have a great summer, and if you want to know more of what goes on behind the scenes, follow along on instagram. :)

Love, Pernille.

Ps. PLEASE NOTE: Since I am on vacation from July 7th-15th, and again from the 17th-26th, all orders places within those dates will go out on July 16th and again as normal from July 27th! :)