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  • Finderskeepers Copenhagen

    Posted on November 06 2017

    Finderskeepers Copenhagen
    Thank you to everyone who stopped by my stand at Finderskeepers Design Market in Copenh...
  • Markets - UPDATE

    Posted on October 25 2017

    Markets - UPDATE
        I've made a few changes, and these are the markets I'll be at this Fall/Christmas: ...
  • The problem with fearlessness

    Posted on October 24 2017

    The problem with fearlessness
    Last week I took some time off. For the first time, in a long time. And I did some thin...
  • Markets coming up!

    Posted on October 04 2017

    Markets coming up!
    I'm attending quite a few markets this Fall, here's the plan so far, (more might be add...
  • Paper Party

    Posted on October 03 2017

    Paper Party
    I feel it fitting, that the first blogpost on this new webshop, is titled 'Paper Part...