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You matter. Therefore your story is grand. 

- That is the heart of this line of stationery: The products are carefully designed for your life and they all have a purpose:

  • Be it to help you get all your ideas out of your head and into a notebook, so you can start taking action.
  • Maybe it's to be a little pretty helper on your desktop or kitchen table, so you can write down the small to do's and stuff to remember.
  • Plan your week or your family's meals.
  • Be a little sticker in your calendar, to help you remember to slow down or enjoy the little things.
  • Or maybe it's to help you show love to people, by sending them a hand-written greeting card.


Grand Stories Design is a stationery studio, run from the countryside of Denmark by Pernille Ryttergaard Rønn.

You can contact me on:

I long for letters over FB messages.

Deep conversation over texting.

Slow over busy.


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General information:

Grand Stories Design
Nordenåvej 8
6893 Hemmet
Telephone: +45 28 58 86 02.
CVR: 37245941

My business supports A21
- Let's end modern day slavery -

Every year I donate 7% of the profits of my business to the non-profit A21. A21 is an organization that aims to abolish slavery everywhere, forever.
I've chosen to support A21 so that survivors of human trafficking can be given freedom, independence, and the chance at a better story.
Thank you for shopping with me, and helping this important cause!

Supporting A21