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You matter. Therefore your story is grand. 

- That is the heart of this line of stationery: The products are carefully designed for your life and they all have a purpose:

  • Be it to help you get all your ideas out of your head and into a notebook, so you can start taking action.
  • Maybe it's to be a little pretty helper on your desktop or kitchen table, so you can write down the small to do's and stuff to remember.
  • Plan your week or your family's meals.
  • Be a little sticker in your calendar, to help you remember to slow down or enjoy the little things.
  • Or maybe it's to help you show love to people, by sending them a hand-written greeting card.


Grand Stories Design is a stationery studio, run from the countryside of Denmark by Pernille Ryttergaard Rønn.

You can contact me on:

I long for letters over FB messages.

Deep conversation over texting.

Slow over busy.


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General information:

Grand Stories Design
Nordenåvej 8
6893 Hemmet
Telephone: +45 28 58 88 02.
CVR: 37245941