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Planner notepad - Design your Day

60,00 kr

A planner notepad for you to Design Your Day.

This notepad is a tool for you to get your plans and to-do's in order on those days that need a little extra planning.

The notepad has sections for:

  • Top 3 To-Do's (Research shows you should have only 3 to-do's for your day, and that way you will actually be able to get more done, because you allow your brain to focus).
  • How I feel: Do a check-in in the beginning of the day, and set your goals and plans accordingly! Or at least use this as a tool to know why you can not get the same amount of things done all days, -some days you are more prone to succeed than others. And that's 100% okay!
  • Do this good thing for myself: Self-care. Because. #essential
  • Schedule: Remember appointments and structure your tasks.
  • Other to do's: These are the things you will do, when you get done with your Top 3.
  • Remember: Write down things that pop up during the day, that you need to remember for another time.
  • Today I am grateful for: Practise gratitude.
  • Today's win: Write down something you got done, or a small good win from the day. Be gracious toward yourself.
  • Dinner: Plan your dinner. I know I am not the only one who get's to late afternoon, remember I have to make dinner, and then it's too late to pull something from the freezer. ;)

Size: 21 x 10,5 cm. About 50 sheets of paper. 120 g. paper.
Printed in Germany. Co2 compensated.

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